The Oshkosh Masonic Center (OMC) is a non-profit organization with all funds going directly back into maintaining and preserving  our historic building .

Our staff is made  up of volunteers who are committed to maintaining and restoring The Historic Masonic Center.    

At the Historic Oshkosh Masonic Center we support the community who helps support us.

Lounge and Lincoln Room
Our lounge and adjacent Lincoln Meeting Room  is a perfect versatile area  located on the first floor.

Lounge - 80 seating capacity        Lincoln Room - 50 seating capacity 

 Starting rate for these rooms are $50 each per  hours.

Basement Small Lunchroom

Small Lunchroom - 60-70 seating capacity

Starting rate is $50.00 per hour.

Grand Ballroom

350 - with tables           400 - with chairs     450 - empty

Starting rate is $1,000 per day 

or $15o.00 per hour.

Multi-room discounts available.

Handicap access located on the North side of building.

Deposit required to hold dates for events.  Prices subject to change without notice.